VYT Partner Sites

Children's Literacy Foundation

CLiF sparks a community-wide love of literacy that has transformed the lives of almost 350,000 children from birth to age 12 across Vermont and New Hampshire.

Franklin-Grand Isle Bookmobile

FGIB promotes literacy and positive youth development in two rural northern Vermont counties. Have fun and build skills at the Bookmobile while making a difference in the lives of low-income youth and families.

Howard Center

Howard Center provides 24/7/365 mental health, substance use, and developmental services to 16,000 vulnerable people annually.

Middlebury Center for Community Engagement

The Middlebury College CCE prepares students for lives of meaning and impact through service, scholarship, and citizenship. Its programs work to strengthen communities and create volunteer opportunities for students.

Northeast Kingdom Collaborative

The NEK Collaborative builds strong, vibrant communities in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, working to improve the quality of life for families & individuals via coordinated community & economic development.

Salvation Farms

Salvation Farms builds resilience in Vermont’s food system through agricultural surplus management, and serves farms and eaters broadly through collaboration-based programs.

Randolph Area Community Development Corporation

By developing affordable housing, promoting community and economic health & resiliency, and creating sustainable job opportunities, RACDC works to alleviate poverty for Central VT youth & families.

Rural Arts Collaborative

The Rural Arts Collaborative unifies artists, community members, and businesses to spark joy and excite connection among people of all ages and abilities. Its creative programs build confidence and skills to fight poverty.

Vermont Agency of Education

The Vermont Agency of Education coordinates the equitable implementation of education policies & high-quality learning for all, with an emphasis on marginalized students, including those living in poverty.

Vermont Council on World Affairs

VCWA’s youth programs encourage diverse participation, expand knowledge of international affairs, build a variety of skills, and highlight new career paths for low-income rural young Vermonters.

Vermont Energy Education  Program

VEEP believes that climate, energy, and environmental dignity and resiliency draws from and leads to economic dignity and resiliency.

VYT  Leader

Support a dynamic and dedicated team of VYT AmeriCorps VISTA members in alleviating poverty and promoting hope, justice, and wellbeing for all Vermont youth and families!

Willowell Foundation

The Willowell Foundation, based on 230 acres in Monkton, VT, connects people to the arts, education, the environment, and each other through land-based programs and activities.

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Addison Central Teens

Addison Central Teen’s (ACT) Teen Center provides afterschool and summer support to teens 12-18, including adult mentorship and guidance; access to nutritious meals; a safe and substance-free space to gather; support groups for BIPOC teens and teens experiencing mental health issues; fun recreational activities; life skills workshops, such as financial literacy and healthy cooking; and other content to support teens, who are low-income or considered at-risk, transition out of poverty and into a healthy adulthood. ACT also runs a low-cost summer camp program, aimed at providing new experiences to low-income youth, allowing them to broaden their horizons. The VISTA member procures resources, recruits and manages volunteers, and develops community partnerships making high-quality, comprehensive, and inclusive programming possible.

Kids Reading Book in Park

Children's Literacy Foundation

The Children’s Literacy Foundation (CLiF) sparks a community-wide love of literacy that has transformed the lives of almost 350,000 children from birth to age 12 in almost 90% of VT and NH towns. In resource-strapped communities where many kids struggle with language arts they bring professional authors, illustrators, poets, and storytellers to inspire young minds; send a flood of new books for children, teachers, and local librarians; provide flexible literacy grants for local educators; and create special family literacy events to help parents get more involved. CLiF serves those children with the greatest needs: children of prison inmates; refugee, migrant and foster children; children who live in shelters and low-income housing; and children served by bookmobiles, Head Start, Boys & Girls Clubs, and other social service organizations. The VISTA expands CLiF’s capacity in many areas including programs, fundraising, donor stewardship, database management, and volunteer management.


The Collaborative

The Collaborative promotes the development of a healthy and involved community supporting substance-free youth in a caring environment. The Collaborative is located in Londonderry, VT and provides programming for low-income youth and families. Programs are based on the positive youth development philosophy, and help build skills that help youth succeed in school, as well as assets and social capital that help them transcend poverty. Programs create an environment for healthy futures: Refuse to Use prevention program provides youth free access to a local ski mountain if they pledge to remain substance-free; middle and high school empowerment groups; afterschool programs; mentoring program that pairs youth with caring adults; summer camps, which promote healthy choices, recreation, and education. The Collaborative VISTA focuses on the sustainability of key programs, community outreach, and fundraising. The VISTA builds and sustains community partnerships and strengthens relationships.

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Franklin Grand Isle Bookmobile

Franklin Grand Isle Bookmobile (FGIB) promotes a lifelong love of learning & builds community connections. FGIB serves folks of all ages in Franklin & Grand Isle Counties, striving to make those living in a vast rural community feel closer by connecting them to each other through stories, conversation, books, literacy activities, & fun. The Bookmobile Capacity Building VISTA member cultivates relationships, builds organizational capacity, and looks to sustain Bookmobile activities.

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Howard Center

Project Hire
Community Engagement
Talent & Training

Howard Center serves the most vulnerable, working to improve the well-being of children, adults, families, and communities. They provide supports and services to address mental health, substance use, and developmental needs. Three VISTA members serve at the Howard Center. The Project Hire Associate VISTA serves as part of a team that helps individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders find and maintain meaningful employment. The Community Engagement VISTA is placed with the Development & Communications team, which supports the agency’s poverty-alleviation focus through marketing, advertising, public relations, communications, donor relations, fundraising, and internal communications.  The Talent and Training VISTA is immersed in the Human Resources department, building capacity and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our Talent Acquisition, Benefits, Training & Development, and Safety processes.


Middlebury College Center for Community Engagement

The Center for Community Engagement prepares students for lives of meaning and impact through service, scholarship, and citizenship. The VISTA helps build capacity in programs and community partnerships that improve college aspirations and success and aim to pull children, primarily from low-income backgrounds in Addison County, out of poverty. The VISTA collaborates closely with the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) Program Director and Assistant Director on a number of mentoring and education initiatives. The VISTA also builds capacity around college-positive volunteerism and first-generation college student access and success by providing support to mentoring programs and initiatives.

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Northeast Kingdom Collaborative

The Northeast Kingdom (NEK) Collaborative seeks to improve the quality of life for all residents of the NEK  through coordinated economic and community development. Their programs seek to break the cycle of poverty through increasing access to resources, leadership development, connections and career opportunities in NEK communities. The NEK is the most rural and economically distressed region in Vermont. The VISTA increases the organization's capacity for outreach and promotion of services and resources that help families and individuals move out of poverty. VISTA member's service will focus on NEK Strong which connects individuals, families, and communities to the resources they need to thrive. The VISTA adds capacity by implementing strategies in the NEK Recovery Action Plan; expanding broadband access, affordable housing options, equitable education services, business support and community vitality initiatives in the region.


Randolph Area Community Development Corporation

Located in Randolph, VT, Randolph Area Community Development Corporation’s (RACDC) mission is to preserve and develop safe, affordable family and elderly housing for low- & middle-income residents of the greater Randolph area; attract and retain sustainable businesses with livable wage jobs; and build community alliances to support downtown and village center revitalization in the greater White River Valley area. RACDC develops and manages safe, affordable housing, as well as serviced-enriched housing, and RACDC administers Randolph’s Designated Downtown Program and a revolving loan fund. We collaborate with other organizations to leverage local assets into lasting change. Our VISTA member plays a central role in increasing our capacity to communicate effectively with all community members and stakeholders, including our low-income constituents. The VISTA - (1) improves digital data collection, and (2) develops and implements communication initiatives, including social media and new organizational and regional websites. A major focus of the VISTA is to increase youth involvement in our programs and in the community, to empower youth to better understand the public process and participate in decisions affecting the future development of opportunities within the community. The VISTA mobilizes and manages volunteer efforts and projects, as well as promotes intergenerational and cross-demographic interaction to improve community cooperation and understanding.


Rural Arts Collaborative

The Rural Arts Collaborative’s mission is to cultivate lifelong learning exploration to enrich community, schools, and economy through creativity, conversation, and collaboration with programs that support community wellbeing. Based in Greensboro VT, the Rural Arts Collaborative hosts community events and classes, supports local schools and afterschool education, and provides open space and resources for creative and entrepreneurial endeavors. Program participants include families, youth, people with disabilities, and adults. The VISTA supports delivery of youth enrichment activities through communication and coordination with teaching artists. They promote and plan community classes and events that center on art, creative skills, and connection and create resources to build our organizational capacity, like our creative workspaces and digital/online content, accessible to all members of our community. The VISTA enriches the lives of community members and brings joy, connections, creativity, and independence to our rural community. The VISTA increases community access to otherwise sparse resources and feels the growth and resilience our organization builds.


Salvation Farms

The mission of Salvation Farms is to build increased resilience in Vermont’s food system through agricultural surplus management. Their activities provide experiential education opportunities, connections within community, and distribution of Vermont’s surplus farm produce to sites serving financially and nutritionally insecure individuals. Two VISTA members serve at Salvation Farms. The Gleaning Capacity VISTA strengthens our regional gleaning program, enhances volunteer orientation and management, supports minimal processing of surplus produce, and increases capacity by improving tools and systems that support our program implementation and community engagement. The Communications Capacity VISTA promotes food accessibility for those most in need by creating volunteer systems to glean local produce and reduce food loss and enhance the resilience Vermont’s food system and ability to distribute food.

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Class Raising Hands

Vermont Agency of Education

The Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) implements laws and policies to ensure all Vermont learners have equitable access to high-quality learning opportunities. The Special Education Team aims to ensure access to opportunity, and equity by providing solution-based oversight, leadership and support to build capacity and improve student outcomes. The mentoring program that the VISTA member coordinates is a part of the AOE’s larger special educator “attract, recruit, retain” initiative, which aims to ensure that staff are available to ensure that the needs of all students with disabilities, including students living in poverty, are met. The VISTA coordinates the development of a new teacher mentor model that prepares and supports those educating students with disabilities impacted by these variables.


Vermont Council on World Affairs

Vermont Council on World Affairs (VCWA) is expanding its efforts of developing and providing enrichment activities to low-income rural youth across Vermont. VCWA, founded in 1952 by the first U.S. Ambassador to the UN, provides opportunities to build awareness and understanding of the world and its people, while developing skills and experience that enhance academics and marketable skills. The AmeriCorps VISTA member expands youth initiatives by researching funding opportunities, writing grant proposals, and developing accessible, inclusive, and sustainable youth and educational programs across rural Vermont.

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Vermont Energy Education Program

Vermont Energy Education Program (VEEP) runs a range of energy, climate, environmental, and sustainability science education programs with teachers and students across Vermont. Programs: K-12 student workshops, project support, teaching partnerships, professional development courses and workshops, youth climate conferences, and no- to low-cost lesson and equipment resources. The AmeriCorps VISTA member has a significant impact in bringing a sustainable access lens to the development, execution, and evaluation of our programs.


Vermont Youth Tomorrow

VYT Team Leader

VYT places up to 28 VISTA members at sites across VT to build capacity and promote high-quality programs and initiatives that address poverty and its effects. The VYT Team Leader is part of a professional team overseeing this statewide VISTA program.  Duties include implementing a comprehensive professional development training plan; visiting VISTAs at their sites; developing esprit de corps; providing individual support; and helping VISTAs gain leadership skills.

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Willowell Foundation

The Willowell Foundation connects people to the environment, arts, education, and each other through land-based programs. At Willowell’s beautiful outdoor settings, youth of all ages engage in enriching activities, such as wildlife tracking, visual arts and other creative endeavors, and hikes, civic discussions; and coordinating community service projects. Willowell is dedicated to equity and inclusion and ensuring that all youth have access to high-quality afterschool and summer activities.


For more information about the VYT Host Sites, contact:

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Assistant Director of National Service Programs


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Assistant Director of National Service Programs


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M. Kadie Schaeffer

Director of National Service Programs