VYDC Partner Sites

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Springfield, VT


All-4-One runs K-12 afterschool, summer, and non-school day enrichment, academic, & social programs to help local youth thrive.

Bennington, VT

Bennington Museum

The Bennington Museum engages and transforms individuals by connecting them to the region’s diverse arts, rich history, landscape, and culture.

South Burlington, VT

Common Roots

Common Roots connects farmers, educators, youth, and community members to build a sustainable future through food and land stewardship education.

Burlington, VT

ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain

ECHO is a science and nature museum located on the Burlington Waterfront. Our traveling programs bring high-impact, interactive STEM experiences to schools and communities across Vermont.

Winooski, VT

Governor's Institutes of Vermont

GIV helps hundreds of Vermont’s most talented yet underserved high schoolers gain skills, confidence, and higher aspirations as they embrace academic or artistic interests at intensive summer programs.

Brattleboro, VT

The In-Sight Photography Project

Empowering youth to communicate their unique personal vision through creative opportunities, the In-Sight Photography is a community initiative providing financially-inclusive afterschool arts and programming.

Plainfield, VT

Maplehill School & Community Farm

Maplehill School and Farm is an alternative educational organization that provides direct services to youth whose lives have been impacted by trauma and/or disabilities.

Burlington, VT

Old Spokes Home

The Old Spokes Home builds community and opportunity through access to bicycles with a variety of engaging programs to make bikes and biking more accessible to all.

Burlington, VT & St. Albans, VT

Spectrum Youth & Family Services

A community-based organization helping homeless and at-risk youth, Spectrum’s Drop-In Centers provides food, basic needs, life skills, and emotional support to youth in Saint Albans and Burlington, VT.

Plainfield, VT

Twinfield Together Mentoring Program

The Twinfield Together Mentoring Program nurtures strong relationships through dynamic mentoring programs & a peer leadership group, inspiring 7th -12th graders to connect with the community in experiential afterschool programming.

Berlin, VT

VYDC Leader

The VYDC Leader helps guide a team of members, using ingenuity and skill to engage youth in discovering their passions, building resilience, and making healthy choices to achieve their full potential!

Montpelier, VT

WCYSB Basement Teen Center

The Basement Teen Center is a safe drop-in space for all youth ages 12-18 who are seeking a place to connect with peers and participate in activities which promote a healthy & active lifestyle.

Monkton, VT

Willowell Foundation

The Willowell Foundation, based on 230 acres in Monkton, VT, connects people to the arts, education, the environment, and each other through land-based programs and activities.

Winooski, VT

Winooski Community Service Department

In the vibrant, culturally diverse City of Winooski, the Winooski Community Services Department builds community and reduces poverty by engaging residents through volunteerism, community events & programs, and civic opportunities.



SPACE AmeriCorps Member

The VYDC-All-4-One SPACE AmeriCorps helps create programs, services, and activities that prepare youth for success. The member—(1) provides guidance and role modeling to youth; (2) plans, organizes and implements a range of programs, services, and activities for youth and visitors; (3) tracks improvement and evaluation of programs; (4) maintains public relations and promotes the center; (5) keeps in contact with middle and high school students and staff to assure youth needs are being met; (6) recruits, trains, and manages volunteers; and (7) collaborates with parents, civic groups, and social agencies within the community.


Bennington Museum

VYDC-Education & Community Engagement AmeriCorps Member

The VYDC Education & Community Engagement AmeriCorps Member collaborates on programs & events for K-12 grade students and teachers, families, community members, and adults that advance the Museum’s mission, expand community partnerships, and encourage deeper engagement with diverse audiences. The member engages in the following activities: (1) researches, develops, & teaches programs for a range of audiences from families to adults; (2) performs community & school outreach, helping to develop and maintain relationships with partner organizations; (3) teaches K-12 school groups; (4) plans & facilitates family programs and community events; (4) assists with public programs for adults; and (5) engages in capacity building that supports and advances Bennington Museum’s mission & strategic goals.


Common Roots

VYDC-Education AmeriCorps Member

VYDC-Food Production AmeriCorps Member

VYDC-Food Security AmeriCorps Member

The VYDC-Common Roots Education AmeriCorps Member develops curricula and teaches families and seniors about growing and preparing food; tending to the Growing Gardens, Growing Kids section of the farm & Abenaki farm field for the food shelf. The VYDC-Common Roots Food Production AmeriCorps Member increases food production and availability. The VYDC-Common Roots Food Security AmeriCorps Member enhances positive land stewardship of two organic farms growing 6,000 pounds of food for two local Food Shelves and the Abenaki Food Shelf.


ECHO Leahy Center

VYDC-Youth Programs AmeriCorps Member

The VYDC-ECHO Youth Programs AmeriCorps Member plans and delivers in- and out-of-school science, technology, engineering, & mathematics (STEM) programming to increase youth interest in STEM learning and confidence in applying STEM skills. ECHO is a science and nature museum located on the Burlington Waterfront. We welcome more than 150,000 visitors annually into our 34,500-square foot, award-winning LEED-certified facility. Through more than 100 interactive exhibits; 70 species of fish, reptiles, and amphibians; major changing exhibits; a 2,500-square foot early learning interactive space; ECHO encourages visitors to view the natural environment as part of their neighborhood and to explore, learn about, and consider opportunities for stewardship.


Governor's Institutes of Vermont

VYDC-GIV AmeriCorps Member

The VYDC GIV AmeriCorps Member joins GIV’s team in producing life-changing out-of-school learning opportunities for more than 550 young people each year. The member conducts outreach and develops relationships with schools, agencies, and organizations to enable more students from diverse backgrounds to attend. The member identifies and pilots best practices to grow access for disadvantaged youth, then develops plans to make those practices scalable and sustainable. The member also expands volunteer involvement, develops volunteer management infrastructure, and fundraises non-federal dollars for scholarships, as well as in-kind donations for member-supported programs. Office is in Winooski, VT. Travel: regular outreach around VT and monthly travel to Montpelier for AmeriCorps training; valid license and reliable private transportation required. GIV provides CSA farmshare.

Image by Martin Sanchez
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The In-Sight Photography Project

VYDC-Youth Programs AmeriCorps Member

As the In-Sight Photography Project AmeriCorps member you promote In-Sight’s mission by providing direct services to youth; engaging in activities and projects to foster community engagement; and creating curricula and teaching. You recruit and train volunteer teachers; promote the program to the community through materials you develop and market, as well as through strategic use of social media platforms. You organize photography exhibits in our gallery, participate in non-federal fundraising events to support member-led programs, and identify potential collaborations with partner organizations. You use existing databases and develop new ones to track alumni and volunteers, and enhance systems for class registration, program evaluation and feedback, equipment usage, and inventory.


Maplehill School & Community Farm

VYDC-Community Service AmeriCorps Member

VYDC-Farm to School AmeriCorps Member

The VYDC members develop and implement curriculum for youth that emphasize physical movement, life skills and healthy nutrition such as yoga, hiking, bicycle maintenance, culinary arts, gardening, pottery, wildlife tracking, sewing, woodworking, etc. Both school programs use Maplehill Community Farm as an expanded learning environment for the students. The Maplehill Community Farm provides a substantial portion of healthy food for the school lunch programs, and provides youth with opportunities for hands-on learning and job skills training such as food production, distribution, and preservation. Elmhill, Inc. also provides outreach services to community elders. The VYDC members coordinate food donations to senior housing and the local senior center, and creates weekly opportunities for youth to interact with elderly community members at the Twin Valley Senior Center.

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Old Spokes Home

VYDC-Old Spokes Home Bike Access AmeriCorps Member

The VYDC-Old Spokes Home Bike Access AmeriCorps Member will be an integral member of the programming staff working to design and deliver youth programming at Old Spokes Home. Programs including youth shop, a mobile repair unit, youth apprenticeship programs, and a bike bonanza are designed for positive youth development and to create access to bikes, thereby encouraging recreation and physical activity. A significant service activity is recruiting and supporting the volunteers who help deliver the Old Spokes Home programming. The member also builds organizational capacity to increase the breadth and depth of programming and partnerships. This includes partnership cultivation and community outreach to recruit program participants.

20-21, VYDC, Spectrum Burlington, Max Pomroy in Service.png

Spectrum Youth & Family Services

VYDC-Food Coordinator AmeriCorps Members

The AmeriCorps Food Coordinator is the point person in our Drop-In Center for all things related to food, meals, and the kitchen. The member will do meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and serving food, and organizing and maintaining the kitchen. Knowledge of healthy food preparation, nutrition, and kitchen safety required. Member will run a healthy cooking, nutrition, and food prep class for our youth. The Food Coordinator will manage food and meal donations and kitchen volunteers. The member will also connect with community partners and our development department to sustain and increase volunteers and meal donations. Members serve in St. Albans and Burlington.


Twinfield Together Mentoring Program

VYDC-TtMP AmeriCorps Member

The member supports the youth of Twinfield Union School in accessing healthy activities during and after school. The member is encouraged to build relationships with youth by organizing afterschool activities that share their personal interests and experiences. The member will also collaborate with the middle school teaching team to support a service-learning project with youth. Twinfield School is located on 60 acres of land and has recreational equipment that the AmeriCorps member can access. Applicants should be willing to be physically active and be able to set good boundaries with youth.

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VYDC 18-19, Nathan Steil, Leader.JPG

Vermont Youth Development Corps

VYDC AmeriCorps Leader

The VYDC Leader is part of a professional team that runs a 30-member program. Duties—(1) Support members-visit members at their sites; develop esprit de corps, opportunities to reflect, and connection to AmeriCorps; provide individual support, ensure that members successfully complete service; and help members develop leadership skills and a lifelong commitment to service. (2) Coordinate and implement Dr. King Day events in central VT and support other events around VT. (3) Plan community service events. (4) Connect members with other national service participants and organizations in their community, to enhance their service experience. (5) Implement public & community relations through traditional & social media and developing partnerships with community stakeholders. (6) Create prompts & edit 3 program newsletters. (7) Implement professional development & training plan that supports members in meeting service requirements (healthy futures, military families, capacity building).  Prior national service experience preferred.


WCYSB Basement Teen Center

VYDC-Basement Teen Center AmeriCorps Member

Located in the basement of Montpelier City Hall, the Basement Teen Center (BTC) is a drop-in space for youth ages 12 to 18, providing a much-needed safe space for positive activities and socializing during afterschool and summer hours. The BTC offers healthy snacks and meals along with classes and programs to help teens build the developmental assets & resilience necessary to make healthy choices. BTC classes cover subjects such as health education, healthy relationships, and substance misuse prevention. We also encourage and support teens to design and run their own programs on topics such as art, photography, cooking, and programming & coding.

Ian Willowell 3.jpg

The Willowell Foundation

VYDC AmeriCorps Members

The Willowell Foundation, based on 230 acres in Monkton, Vermont, connects people with the arts, education, the environment, and each other through land-based programs and activities. Some of our programs are the Walden Project, a nationally recognized outdoor public high school program; summer camps; artist residencies; Wren’s Nest Wilderness Preschool; afterschool program; Volunteers for Peace; wildlife monitoring classes; place-based professional development; community gardening; farm to school initiatives; and wetland conservation. We serve local students in public and private schools, teachers and community members, and focus on at-risk youth.


Winooski Community Service Department

VYDC-Recreation Operations AmeriCorps Members

The Winooski Community Services Department fosters relationships across generations & cultures by providing safe, healthy environments & opportunities for residents to connect and engage. We promote lifelong wellness & offer high-quality, affordable programs & events that respond to community needs. The VYDC-Winooski Recreation Operations AmeriCorps Member runs a new slate of recreation programs. The member plans, sets up, implements, and follows up, as well as collaborates with youth &and staff to provide emotional support & ensure a high-quality program.

winooski site visit 2.jpg

For more information about the VYDC Host Sites, contact:

Hans Heisler

Assistant Director of National Service Programs


Makenna Crosby

Assistant Director of National Service Programs


Danielle Shaw

Senior Assistant Director of National Service Programs


M. Kadie Schaeffer

Director of National Service Programs