Our current VYDC Members serve as an additional resource, at youth focused non-profits, promoting "hope, justice and well being" for all VT youth. This service year, we have members at:

  • Essex CHIPS

  • Willowell Foundation

  • The Collaborative

  • Spectrum Youth and Family Services

  • Schoolhouse Learning Center

  • Twinfield Together Mentoring Program

  • Basement Teen Center

  • In-Sight Photography Project

  • Boys & Girls Club of Greater Vergennes

  • Addison Central Teens

Member services are designed to...

  • Increase youth participation in quality activities that encourage healthy, active lifestyles through nutrition and exercise programs, healthy meals, and community gardens.


  • Promote knowledge about healthy lifestyle choices and help youth develop healthy, long-term habits and attitudes to prevent opioid and other substance use.


  • Support military/veteran families and help them connect to local services.


  • Develop volunteer, program, and financial resources for innovative and effective youth programs.


  • Bolster success in school, provide job readiness skills, and support youth struggling with substances or bullying.


  • Help youth increase their belief that they can make a positive difference in the future of their communities.


  • Help members gain professional skills and experience to support them in service and in their careers afterward; promote lifelong active civic engagement.

Through their efforts, VYDC members create, implement, and promote results-driven youth initiatives, and in a typical day, members might:


  • Introduce youth to food systems through gardening, cooking, or nutrition classes

  •  Support youth in exploring the outdoors or playing sports

  •  Use robotics to build interest in science & technology

  •  Champion education through teaching, tutoring, or mentoring

  •  Counsel youth & provide safe spaces 

  •  Connect youth in military families to services

  •  Oversee social media & community outreach

  • Manage volunteers and seek resources to sustain programs

What VYDC members do...