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Development and Communications


208 Flynn Ave, Suite 3J

Burlington, VT 05452

Telephone: 802-488-6905

Email: abrooks@howardcenter.org

Website: www.howardcenter.org

Supervisor: Adam Brooks 

91 VT RT 11

Londonderry, VT, 05148

Telephone:  802-824-4200

E-Mail:  taylor@thecollaborative.us

Website: http://thecollaborative.us/

Supervisor:  Taylor Curtis

Apply now - VYT-The Collaborative


The Collaborative promotes the development of a healthy and involved community supporting substance-free youth in a caring environment.  


Site Description:

The Collaborative is located in Londonderry, VT and provides programming for low-income youth and families. Programs are based on the positive youth development philosophy, and help build skills that help youth succeed in school, as well as assets and social capital that help them transcend poverty. Programs create an environment for healthy futures: Refuse to Use prevention program provides youth free access to a local ski mountain if they pledge to remain substance-free; middle and high school empowerment groups; afterschool programs; mentoring program that pairs youth with caring adults; summer camps, which promote healthy choices, recreation, and education .


VISTA’s Role:

The Collaborative VISTA focuses on the sustainability of key programs, community outreach, and fundraising. The VISTA builds and sustains community partnerships and strengthens relationships. The VISTA promotes the mission of The Collaborative through press releases, social media, and attendance at events. The VISTA cultivates our outreach through effective communication about our mission, programs, and initiatives and ensures our strong impact and support of low-income families and at-risk youth.


2 Lincoln St.

Essex Junction, VT 05478

Telephone: 802-878-6982

Email: david@essexchips.org

Website: www.essexchips.org

Supervisor: David Voegele



Through programs that promote youth development, reduce social inequity, and alleviate poverty, we empower youth to make healthy decisions and become community leaders.


Site Description:

Essex CHIPS is a small non-profit agency whose mission is to support, engage, inspire, and empower youth to make healthy decisions and become community leaders. Our impact is reflected in a higher quality of life for all — particularly those disadvantaged by social inequities & poverty. Our service area is primarily the Essex Junction, VT area, but some programs serve youth in the broader region of Chittenden County and beyond. CHIPS initiatives include: 1) the Essex Teen Center & Tween Center after-school programs; 2) FriendCHIPS school-based youth mentoring; 3) the Healthy Youth Coalition; 4) The Adventure Orientation Program (an outdoor-based program for students entering high school); 5) Essex Above the Influence (a student-led group promoting positive behaviors to their peers); 6) Community campaigns to prevent substance use; 7) Teen Mental Health First Aid training; 8) TeenLine/SafePlace; and the new Quality Youth Development (QYD) community certification program. Essex CHIPS seeks a VISTA member to join our dedicated team of staff, AmeriCorps members, and volunteers. The VISTA helps the agency further develop its capacity to fulfill its mission. The VISTA plays a critical role in our efforts to strengthen and diversify our resources and to better engage the community in support of youth.


VISTA’s Role:

The Community Resource & Engagement VISTA enhances the capacity of CHIPS to sustain its current programs and to broaden and deepen its positive impact on the quality of life for disadvantaged youth and their families by assisting the Executive Director with—researching funding opportunities; preparing grant applications; planning and coordinating fundraising events; preparing press releases; coordinating social media postings; recruiting & supervising volunteers; coordinating meetings of community partners; preparing outreach materials for new initiatives; strengthening donor & resource data bases; and other capacity building assignments.



Project Hire


Our mission is to improve the well-being of children, adults, families & communities & to support people in working toward independence, health & wellness, & self-sufficiency through education, training, and support.


Site Description:

Howard Center, serves people with mental health needs, developmental disabilities, and substance use issues, some of the most vulnerable people in our community, regardless of ability to pay. Our mission is to improve the well-being of children, adults, families and communities. We support people in working toward independence, health and wellness, and self-sufficiency through education, training, and support. Among our services are therapeutic schools, residential programs for people with mental illness and developmental disabilities, outpatient counseling, medication assisted recovery, crisis services, and a range of related programs. We serve about 16,000 people each year.


Development & Communications VISTA’s Role:  

The VISTA is an integral part of the Development and Communications team and contributes to all activities initiated and conducted by the office including special projects, events, community engagement, volunteer management, internal & external agency communications, and weekly meetings. Major VISTA projects include: (1) assist plan, develop, and implement special events including a donor reception, community education series, conference, and fundraisers; (2) community engagement and outreach; (3) partnerships, as appropriate, with Howard Center programs, (e.g., Safe Recovery, Comprehensive Care); (4) help create social media, e-newsletter, video, print materials, and web content; (5) create calendars, timelines, and planning tools for the department; and (6) assist with donor stewardship and gift processing.



Burlington, VT 05452

Telephone: 802-488-6362

Email: jwolford@howardcenter.org

Website: www.howardcenter.org

Supervisor: Jen Wolford 

Apply now - VYT-Howard Center Talent and Training


Our mission is to improve the well-being of children, adults, families & communities & to support people in working toward independence, health & wellness, & self-sufficiency through education, training, and support.


Site Description:

Howard Center, serves people with mental health needs, developmental disabilities, and substance use issues, some of the most vulnerable people in our community, regardless of ability to pay. Our mission is to improve the well-being of children, adults, families and communities. We support people in working toward independence, health and wellness, and self-sufficiency through education, training, and support. Among our services are therapeutic schools, residential programs for people with mental illness and developmental disabilities, outpatient counseling, medication assisted recovery, crisis services, and a range of related programs. We serve about 16,000 people each year. The VYT-Howard Center-Talent & Training VISTA is immersed in our Human Resources department, building capacity and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our Talent Acquisition, Benefits, Training & Development, and Safety processes. The VISTA makes positive change by enhancing systems to find qualified individuals to provide services to individuals who have mental illness, developmental disabilities, or who struggle with substance use.


Development & Communications VISTA’s Role:  

The VYT-Howard Center- Talent & Training VISTA develops projects for both the team and agency level by conducting research on diverse applicant sourcing, evaluating and improving the agency’s internship program, and collaborating with various teams to enhance systems, forms, and processes for an agency providing critical mental health, education, job skills, and substance misuse treatment to vulnerable youth, families, and communities. Reliable transportation needed: travel around Chittenden County; travel to Montpelier for monthly VISTA training. Housing Subsidy. Send resume, cover letter, and contact information for 2 references.


208 Flynn Avenue, Suite 3J

Burlington, VT 05401

Telephone: 802.488.6912

E-mail: karenh@howardcenter.org

Website: www.howardcenter.org

Supervisor: Karen Hussey


To improve the well-being of children, adults, families, and communities. Project HIRE provides career development and employment support and assistance to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Site Description:

Howard Center, an agency serving people with mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance use issues, and educational challenges, serves some of the most vulnerable people in our community and provides service regardless of ability to pay. We support people in working toward independence, health and wellness, and self-sufficiency through education, training, and support. Project Hire is a program that helps adults with developmental disabilities find meaningful, competitively paid careers. Project Hire helps clients with career planning, resume writing, job search, benefits counseling, and related activities. Project hire serves nearly 200 people annually.

VISTA’s Role:

The Project Hire Associate VISTA serves as part of a team that helps individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders find and maintain meaningful employment. The VISTA assists job seekers in obtaining employment by providing assessments, supporting resume and cover letter writing, practicing interview skills and applying for positions. The VISTA increases awareness of our program and expands our networks with local businesses in order to enhance career opportunities for our participants. The VISTA also assists in documentation in a variety of areas including outreach efforts with business partners and revising information provided to our referrals for improved access



20 Old Chapel Rd.

Middlebury, VT 05753

Telephone: 802-443-3099

Email: kbricknermcdonald@middlebury.edu

Website: https://www.middlebury.edu/office/community-engagement

Supervisor: Kailee Brickner-McDonald


The Center for Community Engagement prepares students for lives of meaning and impact through service, scholarship, and citizenship. Our programs work to strengthen communities and contribute to the public good.

Site Description:

Do you love engaging with kids? Interested in social justice at the youth development level? We seek a motivated and compassionate individual for a one-year VISTA position to collaborate closely with the Center for Community Engagement team and help coordinate six youth and mentoring programs. The VISTA helps build capacity in programs and community partnerships that improve college aspirations and success and aim to pull children, primarily from low-income backgrounds in Addison County, out of poverty. The VISTA collaborates closely with the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) Program Director and Assistant Director on a number of mentoring and education initiatives. The VISTA also builds capacity around college-positive volunteerism and first-generation college student access and success by providing support to mentoring programs and initiatives.

VISTA’s Role:

The CCE’s youth and mentoring programs provide opportunities for youth in low-income families through 1-on-1 & group mentoring, college application support, taste tests of vegetables in area schools, afterschool reading programs, and more.

The VISTA is part of a lively 7-person team and collaborates with 20 student staff members, other departments on campus, and community partners. The daily tasks are varied and fast-paced. Projects include researching & sharing best practices for mentor screening & matching, enhancing databases, and match closure; helping Student Organizations adopt diversity & inclusion; attending program events & community meetings; meeting with mentors & student leaders; creating a parent newsletters; helping to deepen collaborations with valued campus & community partners, including parents, teachers, childcare providers, guidance counselors, and local agencies & organizations, and much more!



165 Wilson Street

PO Box 300

Greensboro, VT 05841

Phone: 802.533.9370

Email: carol@wonderartsvt.org

Website: www.wonderartsvt.org

Supervisor: Carol Fairbank

Apply now - VYT-WonderArts


27 West Allen Street
Winooski, VT 05404

Telephone: 802.655.6410 x20

Facsimile: 802.655.6414

Email: rcoffey@winooskivt.org

Website: http://www.winooskivt.org/

Supervisor: Ray Coffey


WonderArts is a multidisciplinary community organization that connects, empowers, and supports our rural Vermont communities by providing hands-on activities and enrichment to all ages.


Site Description:

WonderArts cultivates lifelong learning and exploration to enrich community, schools, and economy through creativity, conversation & collaboration. WonderArts serves a wide variety of community members through programs for children, youth, families, adults, and seniors. Most of our programs are in partnership with other community organizations, municipalities, and/or schools. Organizational activities include enrichment programs for youth in school and after school, as well as workshops and events for adults and seniors. Each of our programs seek to support the wellbeing and resilience of our community. VISTA members promote the WonderArts mission by engaging with youth, schools, and community partners to build community connections, mentorship opportunities, workforce skills, technical assistance training, and systems that provide rural youth with access to expanded learning opportunities.


Here in Northern Vermont AmeriCorps members have extraordinary impact. In this position the VISTA member builds systems and programs to turn the curve on poverty. By supporting youth through the SPARK project, the VISTA makes a positive difference by coordinating mentorships, entrepreneurship programs, workshops around financial literacy, and supporting the self-confidence of youth. Please include in your application a cover letter, resume, and contact information for two references.


VISTA’s Role:

The Spark Education & Outreach Coordinator VISTA has a significant role in developing, coordinating, and building youth programming, mentorship opportunities, and volunteer systems. The VISTA builds relationships within the community and supports staff and Spark Crew members in collecting data, identifying community needs, and building systems to address these needs.

There are 3 major activities that this role supports: entrepreneurship opportunities for students, technical assistance and tutoring for students outside of schools, and collaborating with schools and community partners to create opportunities for students to engage in expanded learning opportunities that connect with their personalized learning plans. In addition, the VISTA has the opportunity to develop programs and events, evaluate systems, and engage 1-on-1 with students and adults.



The Winooski Community Services Department’s mission is to promote lifelong wellness; enrich the lives of community members; and to offer high-quality, affordable programs, activities, and events that meet community needs and respond to community interests.


Site Description:

The Winooski Community Services Department seeks to foster relationships across generations & cultures by providing safe, healthy environments & opportunities for residents to connect and engage. We promote lifelong wellness & offer high-quality, affordable programs, activities, & events that respond to community needs & interests. We manage the O’Brien Community Center, Library, Senior Center, Community Gardens, & many youth programs, including free weekly tutoring & enriching afterschool and summer childcare programs. The challenges of generational poverty & English language proficiency facing many of our families make the need for accessible, low-cost, high-quality programming compelling.


Volunteer support is vital to the ongoing success of our programs. It is also an important way to build community member engagement & ownership of the programs, which is critical to sustainability and success. The AmeriCorps VISTA’s role in volunteer management allows us to build a strong pool of competent, trained volunteers to support our work now & into the future.


As a designated Refugee Resettlement community, Winooski is home to a diverse population, with 31 native languages spoken in schools, and 27% of students considered “English Language Learners.” Many families depend on City programs. These services help families develop a connection to the community, rise up out of poverty, & help New Americans acculturate and settle into their new community.


VISTA’s Role:

The Community Engagement Coordinator VISTA recruits & manages volunteers who sustain programs supporting residents, including low-income and New American neighbors. The VISTA: (1) builds the capacity of Winooski’s Community Services Dept. through targeted community outreach to low-income & New American residents. This requires sensitivity to different cultures & excellent communication skills. (2) Supports tutoring programs helping low-income & New American youth meet academic standards & graduate; job-skills trainings for youth; healthy community meals; Senior Center activities; Library & Recreation programs; and community gardens. The VISTA gains experience in volunteer management, building partnerships, & organizing events. Send cover letter, resume, & contact information for 3 references. While not required, fluency in Nepali, Arabic, Somali, or Burmese is helpful.

Youth Services, Inc.

32 Walnut St, Brattleboro, VT 05301

Telephone: 802-257-0361

Email: sally.struble@youthservicesinc.org

Website: http://youthservicesinc.org/

Supervisor: Sally Struble

Apply now - Youth Services Inc-

Mission: The mission of Youth Services, Inc. is “Working together to build resilience and be a catalyst for change,” and our vision is “Equitable communities where all people are thriving.” 

Site Description: Youth Services hosts a variety of programs to build wrap-around services for our community. These programs include (1) a Restorative Justice Program that offers an alternative to the traditional criminal justice system for youth and adult offenders, including case management and the Youth Substance Abuse Safety Program (YSASP); (2) a Clinical Program with counseling services and substance use treatment options; (3) a Youth Development Program that supports youth at risk of homelessness, youth transitioning out of foster care, youth at risk of dropping out of school, and offers comprehensive life skills; and (4) our Workforce Development Program that pairs youth with mentors to help build job skills, as well as a trauma-informed drop-in center. The VYT-Youth Services Volunteer Coordinator and Development VISTA splits time between enhancing volunteer coordination for the Restorative Justice Program and the Workforce Development Program and strengthening resource development for Youth Services, Inc.

VISTA’s Role:

The VYT Youth Services Volunteer Coordinator & Development VISTA splits time between enhancing volunteer coordination for the Restorative Justice and Workforce Development programs and strengthening Youth Services’ resource development activities. DUTIES: Volunteer Coordination: research best practices; design, implement, & coordinate volunteer efforts for Restorative Justice Programs & Youth-Led Business; train staff in volunteer program coordination. Development: expand & enhance gift processing & data entry systems; refine & oversee business solicitation strategies; plan & coordinate community events; expand Endowment & Planned Giving fundraising campaign; recruit 25-40 new donors or donor prospects. Office in Brattleboro, VT. Send cover letter, resume, and contact info for 3 references. Private transportation required for travel in community & monthly travel to Montpelier for VYT training.




Salvation Farms

PO Box 627

Morrisville, VT 05661

Telephone: 802-888-4360

Email: theresa@salvationfarms.org

Website: www.salvationfarms.org

Supervisor: Theresa Snow

Apply now - VYT-Salvation Farms


The mission of Salvation Farms is to build increased resilience in Vermont’s food system through agricultural surplus management.


Site Description:

Our collaboration-based programs decrease food waste and increase access to local healthy food. Community members engage as volunteers in activities such as gleaning, and the surplus produce is distributed to those in need, repurposing what would otherwise be unharvested produce. Our activities provide experiential education opportunities, connections within community, and distribution of Vermont’s surplus farm produce to sites that serve financially and nutritionally insecure individuals and families.

The AmeriCorps VISTA strengthens our regional gleaning program, enhances volunteer orientation and management, supports minimal processing of surplus produce, and increases capacity by improving tools and systems that support our program implementation and community engagement. Collaborating with partners, supporting the assessment of impact, and aiding in building community awareness is also be part of the VISTA service year. The VISTA’s efforts result in community empowerment and nourishment, an increase in access to community grown food, and a decrease in the amount of food lost each year.

Prior to COVID-19, 11% of Vermonters were food insecure; a November 2020 report shows that now 30% are. The VISTA supports poverty alleviation efforts to increase both gleaning and distribution of nutritious food, focusing on the 4 northeastern counties which experience high rates of poverty.


VISTA’s role:

The VYT-Salvation Farms Program Capacity Building VISTA builds our capacity to reduce food loss on Vermont farms while enhancing resilience in the state’s food system by supporting programs that make wholesome food accessible to families and individuals in need, as well as provide experiential education opportunities. The VISTA engages in assessing and refining supports to ensure quality in and impact of our programs and initiatives. This includes creating and revising program procedural and training guides, enhancing database systems, developing stakeholder outreach and engagement, designing impact evaluations, increasing volunteer engagement, promoting our programs, and fundraising to support our programs & initiatives.


VYT-Washington Central Unified Union School District

1130 Gallison Hill Rd, Montpelier, VT 05602

Telephone: (802) 229-0553

Email: kbushey@u32.org

Website: https://www.wcsu32.org/

Supervisor: Kelly Bushey

Apply now - Washington Central Unified Union School District



Mission:  The Washington County Unified Union School District (WCUUSD) exists to nurture and inspire in all students the passion, creativity, and power to contribute to their local and global communities. 

Site Description: Pursuant to the McKenney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, we help connect families with appropriate services, including food, stable house, medical care, and other basic needs. The number of youth in homeless families in school district has been increasing significantly, and we’re looking for a VISTA to establish and strengthen partnerships with local service agencies, develop processes and procedures, create resource documents and information, and collaborate with social workers to create other supports and systems. COVID-19: Last spring, all schools in VT shut down and we had to quickly pivot to remote learning, serving as many students as possible. Since September 2020, PreK - 8th grade participate in fulltime in-person learning; grades 9-12 are in-person every other week. We’ve seen an increase in the number of students that meet the homeless criteria; several students do not have access to reliable internet and cannot access learning. We’re planning our “Moving Forward” initiative, and the VISTA will help us identify & support students & families that meet the homeless criteria in the McKinney-Vento Act.

VISTA’s Role:

The VYT-McKenney-Vento Resource Developer VISTA builds the capacity of the Washington Central Unified Unions School District’s initiatives to support children, youth, and families experiencing homelessness as follows: [1] Develops partnerships with other local agencies within Washington County (Capstone Community Action, Downstreet Housing & Community Development, and Washington County Mental Health, etc.); [2] Creates documentation and referral procedures; [3] Creates brochures, posters, ways to inform families throughout our communities about this support; and [4] Establishes a support group or consultation to families in need. Travel: To district schools and to monthly VISTA training in Montpelier. WCUUSD Training: Access to all relevant professional development offered to school staff. Send Resume, Cover letter, and contact information or 2 references.



PO Box 627

Montpelier, VT 05601-0627

Telephone: 802-229-9151

Email: dshaw@wcysb.org

Website: You're on it!

Supervisor: Danielle Shaw

Apply now - VYT-VISTA Leader

Vermont Council on World Affairs

               370 Shelburne Road #4611

                  Burlington, VT 05401


Email: marya@vcwa.org

Website: https://www.vcwa.org/

Supervisor: Marya Smith

Apply now -Vermont Council on World Affairs


 Vermont Council on World Affairs (VCWA) is expanding its efforts of developing and providing enrichment activities to low-income rural youth across Vermont. VCWA, founded in 1952 by the first U.S. Ambassador to the UN, provides opportunities to build awareness and understanding of the world and its people, while developing skills and experience that enhance academics and marketable skills. VCWA’s youth programs encourage diverse participation, expand knowledge of international affairs, build a variety of skills, and highlight new career paths for low-income rural young Vermonters. 


Site Description:

The AmeriCorps VISTA focuses on expanding access to VCWA’s youth programs and opportunities for youth from historically underrepresented groups, including low-income rural communities, New Americans, and BIPOC youth in the small towns across Vermont. By offering opportunities, low-income and underrepresented youth build resiliency and the ability of to make good life choices. The AmeriCorps VISTA member expands youth initiatives by researching funding opportunities, writing grant proposals, and developing accessible, inclusive, and sustainable youth and educational programs across rural Vermont. COVID-19: The impact of social isolation and remote learning has created barriers for low-income rural youth. The VISTA supports our efforts to address these barriers expanding educational programming specifically targeting afterschool and extracurricular opportunities for youth. Location: Burlington, VT; Statewide focus


VISTA’s role:

With a particular focus on youth who are historically underrepresented, low-income, or at-risk, the Education Programs and Community Development VISTA researches current barriers to youth knowledge of world affairs and participation in related programming; conducts grant writing and sponsorship outreach; develops a more inclusive community outreach strategy; monitors, evaluates, and analyzes current youth and educational program strategies; and designs and implements new educational and youth programs that are more accessible to all. 


Must have successfully completed one of the following: Fulltime  VISTA, AmeriCorps, or NCCC service; or a Peace Corps service term.



Vermont Youth Tomorrow promotes hope, justice, and wellbeing for all Vermont youth.


Site Description:

VYT places up to 28 VISTA members at sites across VT to build capacity and promote high-quality programs and initiatives that address poverty and its effects. VYT sites include mentoring, afterschool, substance abuse prevention, literacy, arts, food security, and job skills programs, as well as teen centers, municipalities, and libraries. With a focus on healthy futures (opioid prevention through positive youth development), education, and economic opportunity, VISTAs develop cash & in-kind resources; recruit & manage volunteers; create program curricula; expand & enhance public & community relations; and ensure that low-income youth & families have access to vital programs. Last year, VYT VISTAs procured more than $951,000 in cash, in-kind, & volunteer resources; recruited & managed 683 community volunteers who gave 26,898 hours of service to communities in need, and supported programs benefitting more than 4,000 youth.


VYT provides--comprehensive monthly skill-building & professional development training; hands-on opportunities to create & implement programs; a strong support network of staff, community, and AmeriCorps members. Through commitment, imagination, & perseverance, VISTAs make long-lasting, positive impacts on communities-in-need. VISTAs cite a high degree of satisfaction with their service, as well as an ongoing commitment to life-long civic engagement.


VISTA’s role:

The VYT Leader is part of a professional team overseeing a statewide VISTA program. Duties include--VISTA SUPPORT: Implement a comprehensive professional development training plan; visit VISTAs at their sites; develop esprit de corps; provide individual support; and help VISTAs gain leadership skills. DR. KING DAY: Lead efforts in Montpelier. REGIONAL NETWORKS: Connect VISTAs with other national service members in their area. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Implement public & community relations through traditional & social media and develop partnerships within the community; edit newsletter. RECRUITMENT: Implement recruitment plan to recruit high-quality VISTAs. ALUMNI: Support relations with VYT alumni, including ways for alumni to mentor current VISTAs. Join our team and help VISTAs succeed in service, community organizations thrive, and individuals gain skills to transcend poverty.

For more information about the VYT Host Sites, contact:


Danielle Shaw, Senior Assistant Director of National Service Programs: dshaw@wcysb.org

Hans Heisler, Assistant Director of National Service Programs: vydc.vyt.AD1@wcysb.org 

M. Kadie Schaeffer, Director of National Service Programs: vyt.vydc@wcysb.org